A Cracow composer, arranger, guitarist, session musician, sound engineer and teacher at the Małopolskie Centrum Dźwięku i Słowa. Member of the ZAIKS Authors' Association and STOART.

He has collaborated with many prominent musicians all over the country. Among the most famous are: Ziyo, Totentanz, Renata Przemyk, Jacek Dewódzki & Revolucja, Krzysztof Kilianski, KSU, Krzysztof Zalewski, Ornette, or Samokhin Band, Ich Troje. He is also associated with the so-called Cracow Bohema. The creator of the Tribute to Michael Jackson in the famous Lizard King.

For almost 10 years, he has been sharing his experience and skills with MCDiS students in Niepołomice. He has performed at Eurovision or at the Woodstock festival. In addition to creating his own rock music, he supports with the knowledge and talent of many different musicians.


Together with Paweł Samokhin and Kuba Matusiak, he co-creates the TriSam project. Together with Grzegorz Ornett Stępień, Łukasz Marek and Grzegorz Babisz, he co-creates the Ornette band.

2011 was a very busy year for him, then the premiere of his first album "Bzykology" took place, and the number of concerts related to the promotion of the disc made the basic line-up of the band consolidated. The band was named BZYKoLOGY. After a long break caused by lack of time and Bzyk's participation in other formations, it's time to come back. The year 2021 promises to be interesting, as the long-awaited, fully original, album will be released. Details soon.

Piotr BZYK Sokołowski

Bzykology - guitar magic of sound!

The BZYKoLOGY project is instrumental - vocal guitar music. The author and originator of this extraordinary, expressive musical concept is Piotr "Bzyk" Sokolowski 
In 2011, his next album was released - this time his fully original album "Bzykology", on which Piotr Sokołowski showed his brilliant workshop, but also delighted with the magic of composition, a unique, reflective view of the world and the conditions of the modern man in it.
The world - painted with guitar sounds!

Initially, the project (strictly speaking) was intended to be very experimental with an open formula as to the participating musicians, but with time it spontaneously transformed into a permanent musical creation with a selected line-up. Currently, we can rather talk about the band BZYKoLOGY, which started to live its own life.

The main members of BZYKoLOGY are:
Piotr”Bzyk”Sokolowski - guitars
Łukasz Marek - drums
Grzegorz”Ornette”Stępień - bass
Przemek Wątorek - singing
Bzykology cooperated:
Michał Matragon Worgacz - singing
Marek Motyl Motylski - drums
Paweł Samokhin - trumpet
Jacek Bielecki - bass
Sławek Puka - drums
Adam Brzęczyk - drums
Sławek Kokosza - keyboard
Rafał Guzik - kyeboard
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Piotr "BZYK" Sokołowski



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