The first band of Piotr Sokołowski, which was recorded on a CD. The band was founded on the initiative of Bzyk in 1995. The most popular song of the band "Bez twarzy" was included in the compilation entitled Panorama Prog-Rocka (1997) and on the album Polski Art Rock (2000). The group took part in numerous festivals, and in 1996 at the Review of Amateur Music Bands and Soloists in Proszowice. took the third place. The remnant of the band is the album Museion, recorded in July 2002 in the "ziyo" studio in Tarnów, premiered in 2004.

Band TriSam


In 2015 with initiative Pavła Samokhina a project was created  łódzko-krakowski TriSam - Nu-Electro-Funk.


Basic team:

Piotr ”Bzyk” Sokołowski - guitars

Paveł Samokhin – trumpet, singing

Kuba Matusiak - saxophone, singing

Band Ornette


Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski joined the Ornette band in 2013 and since then he has been actively supporting the artistic development of the band and the founder of the group, Grzegorz Ornette Stępień. Together, they played many concerts not only in Poland, but also abroad: England, Ireland, Germany and Austria. In 2019, the Ornette band performed at the Woodstock festival. Currently, work is underway on the second album.


Basic team:

Piotr ”Bzyk” Sokołowski - guitars

Łukasz Marek – drums

Grzegorz ”Ornette” Stępień - bass, singing

Grzegorz Babisz - guitars

Band Samokhin Band


In the years 2009 - 2013, Piotr Sokołowski played in the Samokhin Band, in addition to numerous concerts in which he took part, he recorded several music videos with the band. It is worth highlighting the DODA music video, the last joint music video is KOZAK, shot in 2020.

Band Totentanz



In 2011, Piotr Sokołowski joined the band Totentanz, apart from numerous concerts in which he took part, he recorded a music video for the song Lawendowe pole with the band.



The band was created in 1986 by Jerzy Durał. Piotr Sokołowski joined the team in 2000. Together they recorded three albums: Exlibris - Magiczne numbers 1986-2000, Popburger, Puzzle




After gaining a wealth of experience in co-creating music with other performers, the time has come for a solo album by Piotr Sokołowski. The first album was released in 2011 and contained 11 original songs.

Soon, the premiere of the second album will take place, which is also a fully original project of Bzyk himself.


Basic team:

Piotr ”Bzyk” Sokołowski - guitars

Łukasz Marek – drums

Grzegorz ”Ornette” Stępień - bass

Przemek Wątorek - singing



In 2009-2013, Piotr Sokołowski co-created music with Jacek Dewódzki and the band Revolucja. The fruit of their collaboration were two discs. Disc II had its premiere in 2005, while the album Radio Revolucja had its premiere in 2010.

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