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2021 of July 17 at 8pm will be the premiere of the video music on the Piotr Sokołowski official YouTube channel:
The music video is a preview of Bzykology's long-awaited second album
Music: Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski
Text: Przemek Wątorek
In the audio recording taked part:
Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski - guitar, composition, arrangement, mix
Grzegorz Ornette Stępień - bass
Łukasz Marek - drums
Przemek Wątorek - singing
Daniel "Ziółek" Bigaj - mastering
Cast in a video:
Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski - guitars
Przemek Wątorek - singing
Łukasz Marek - drums
Grzegorz Ornette Stępień - bass
Artur Wojciechowski - guitars
Eliza Ratusznik - backing vocals
Photos and assembly: Adam Drzewiecki DMP STUDIO


Premiere of the music video / single promoting the latest album Bzykology

10 July 2021
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