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Premiere of Bzykology's second album - Autofobia
The most important info:
Date: March 25, 2023 (Saturday)
Start: 20:00
Tickets: PLN 40 (Bzykology CD included)
Address: Pub Oliwa, ul. Miodowa 14, Krakow
Tickets to be purchased on the day of the concert - the number of places is limited

Team composition: Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski - guitars
Grzegorz Stepien - bass
Lukasz Marek - drums
Przemek Wątorek - vocals
featuring Michał "Matragon" Worgacz - vocals

The BZYKoLOGY project is instrumental and vocal guitar music. The author and originator of this unusual, expressive musical concept is Piotr "Bzyk" Sokolowski - guitarist, composer, arranger, session musician and sound engineer. The premiere of the first album took place in December 2011. Since then, material for the next Bzykology album has been collected. In the meantime, Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski took part in recording albums by bands such as Samokhin Band and Ornette. In 2021, three singles not related to the Bzykology project appeared. There was also a music video for the song "Milcza", which was included on the band's second album. Finally, the time has come to organize the material accumulated over the years and release the second album. The culmination of all the work will be the late premiere organized on the occasion of Piotr Bzyk Sokołowski's overdue birthday.

We invite
The Bzykology team


Retro premiere for an overdue birthday

10 January 2023
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